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Graflex Grand Master Metal – Complete DIY Kit – On Demand


Select if a Graflex hilt is included in the DIY kit.

Additional information

Complete Graflex Grand Master Metal chassis DIY kit.
The chassis will be printed on-demand for this order, and shipping is normally expected 2 month after ordering.

It includes a complete chassis, with accessories and all electronic components to install it. (see list below).
It can also include a Flashgun for conversion, vintage or replica.

3 Variants available
– Brass chassis kit only
– Brass chassis kit + Flashgun KR Gen2 + WannaWanga kit*
– Brass chassis kit + Vintage (in good state) + WannaWanga kit*

*WannaWanga kits are ANH or ESB and contain Grips, Clamp item, and D-ring.

Silver part upgrade add-on will includes several part in silver
Check this short video for example.
More material choice possible – contact us

– Tools to perform the conversion are not supplied.
– Weathering chemicals are not supplied.
– Heatshrink tubing are not supplied.
– Removable Keepower batteries not included (due to shipping restrictions).
– This is an expert level build, for experienced installers. By buying you acknowledge having read this page entirely.

Please read our Terms and Conditions.

Prices are displayed excluding Shipping, VAT (both calculated at checkout) or Custom Taxes.

Shipping: On demand order – will ship within 2 month after ordering.

Return policy: No return accepted on this item.

Order cancelation policy: Being on-demand printing, this order cannot be canceled. Make sure to have thoroughly read everything including build instructions.



Parts included in this kit:

Complete Grand Master Chassis parts, including blade holder and 2 crystals.
Brass chassis kit = all metal parts in Natural Brass to be weathered, except Part16 in Natural Copper.

Note: Want additional materials choice?
=> order the Brass chassis kit and contact us. We’ll setup a custom additional order for you.


– 1 x Crystal Focus 10 MK2 soundboard
– 1 x OLED Screen (New version – KR-Sabers OLED)
– 1 x Motor
– 1 x KR 3W 28mm Bass Speaker
– 1 x KR Shtok V3 NPXL Connector
– 1 x 7/8″ NPXL Connector holder + lens
– 1 x set of resistors (3) for tangible font selection
– 1 x SMD resistor for red 3mm led
– 2 x 2020 pixel strips (new KR 2020 strips)
– 4 X single pixel accents (New KR 2020 Nano pixels)
– 1 X single pixel accents (5050)
– 1 x 3mm red accent LED
– 1 x High Amp Kill Switch
– 1 x Switches PCB (new – duplicate switches on soundboard module)
– 2 x blade holder switches (1 brass tactile, 1 slim profile)
– 2 x Battery contacts (pos and neg)
– 2 x Bulgin Pins 10A set (Male and Female)
– 6 x Bulgin Pins 1A set (Male and Female)
– 2 x Mill-Max pins (10 pins bar each – to be cut)
– 1 x Mill-Max Socket (10 sockets bar – to be cut)
– 1 x set of PTFE Wires (22awg, 28awg, 30awg)
– 1 x copper electric cable (for Arc Reactor)
Other Parts
– 10 x 3mmOD 2mm thick
– 34 x 2mmOD 2mm thick
– 30 x 2mmOD 1mm thick
– 1 x set of Flat Head M2 screws (2 for black emitter parts)
– 1 x set of Black socket head M2 screws (2 for middle chassis)
– 1 x set of M2 nuts (2 for middle chassis)
– 1 x set of Black socket head M1.6 screws (2 for back chassis)
– 1 x set of M1.6 nuts (2 for back chassis)
– 1 x 4-40 retention screw (NPX connector retention)
– 1 x 4-40 screw (Blade retention)
– 3 x 4-40 hex nuts
– 1 x 4-40 brass threaded rod
– 1 x set of 4mmOD tubes (brass approx 55mm length, aluminium approx 145mm length, copper approx 145mm lenght – to be cut)
– 1 x brass 2mmOD tubes (to be cut)
– 1 x copper or alum 1mmOD Tube (to be cut)
– 1 x brass 1.5mmOD rod (approx 93mm length – to be cut)
– 1 x nickel and brass 1mmOD rod (approx 100mm – to be cut)
– 1 x nickel 0.5mmOD rod (helps to sand and clear the 1mmOD tube)

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