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DIY Kits – KR HATI Master Chassis – On Demand


If you want different materials from the default setup.

Additional information

Complete KR HATI Master Chassis DIY kit.
The chassis will be printed on-demand for this order, and shipping is normally expected 2 month after ordering.

It includes a complete chassis, with possibility to add accessories and all electronic components to install it. (see list below).
It can also include the hilt for a all-in-one purchase

3 Variants available
– Metal chassis kit only
– Metal chassis kit + Electronics components and other parts
– Metal chassis kit + Electronics components and other parts + KR HATI hilt

Here is a demo:

– Tools to perform the conversion are not supplied.
– Weathering chemicals are not supplied.
– Heatshrink tubing are not supplied.
– Keepower Battery  is not included
– This is a DIY kit and isn’t not delivered installed. It is an advanced level build, for experienced installers. Please read the DIY instructions.

Please read our Terms and Conditions.

Prices are displayed excluding Shipping, VAT (both calculated at checkout) or Custom Taxes.

Shipping: On demand order – will ship in approx. 2 month after ordering.

Return policy: No return accepted on this item.

Order cancelation policy: Being on-demand printing, this order cannot be canceled. Make sure to have thoroughly read everything including build instructions.

Parts included in this kit:

Complete KR HATI Master Chassis in brass, with PA12 Soundboard chassis and 3D printed crystals (can serve a template to shape real quartz).


  • 22mm Bass Speaker
  • Brass Tactile 2.5mm x 2
  • SCW Thin Neck PCB Set
  • High Amp Kill Switch
  • SCW NPXL v3 ECO short pins
  • 1.5mm OD rods x 2 (2 rods with 157mm Length, 1 rod with 13mm length)
  • Nano pixel x 1
  • 2020 pixel strip (10 pixels) x2
  • pixel ring accent – small x1
  • Magnets 2mmx2mm x5
  • Magnets 2mmx1mm x1
  • Battery Contact

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