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89-Sabers Darth Maul (2023) ECO Chassis


Additional information

Here is an ECO chassis for 89-Sabers Darth Maul (2023).
It contains 1 parts that are easy to print with a FDM printers  using supports.
Please play fair and buy 2 quantity of this item if you plan on installing 2 hilts to make a Darth Maul staff.
Thank you in advance for your support!

For Proffie or CFX (other soundboards adapter are available for the CFX version).
22mm Bass Speaker
Battery contacts for 18650 removable battery
High Amp Kill switch
Nano-pixel x 2
Tactile switch 2.5mm height x2
NPXL Pogo-pin connector long pins

By purchasing this item, you acknowledge the following rules:
– These files are for non-commercial use only
– Do not share these files (please support our work and not piracy)
– Modification / adaptation to the design is permitted

Once the order placed, you will be able to download the STL files to print the stand using your own 3D printer.

PIY files orders are non refundable. 

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